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Skyline specializes in resolving knotty issues that are impeding the sale of real estate under active foreclosure. Such issues include:

  • Complex, multigenerational probate requirements

  • Tangled titles

  • Inflated claims by creditors


Since 2016, Skyline's members have tackled these issues and others, demonstrating that Skyline's team has the knowledge, resources, and experience to help owners and or their estates, avert foreclosure and achieve a private sale of their real estate. 

Russell Moritz Skyline's Chief Operating Officer, Russell Moritz, has worked in architecture, construction, and real estate development for nearly two decades, managing construction projects on behalf of local government entities and private companies. He now develops his own projects, which include residential and commercial properties. He can be reached at:

Office # (754) 207-1972

Cell # (412) 818-6890

Fax # (844) 286-3573

Jake Moritz As Skyline's Acquisitions Manager, Jake is responsible for communicating with sellers to ensure that their questions are promptly answered and that they are consistently updated on the status of a proposed transaction as it progresses toward closing. He is a licensed Real Estate Sales Associate, and holds an M.S. degree in Accounting from Fairleigh Dickinson University. He's also Russell's brother. He can be reached at:

Cell# (201) 788-2329

Fax # (844) 286-3573

Greg Myhre, Acquisitions. Greg has a Bachelor's degree in Property Management from University of Wisconsin. He comes to Skyline with a successful track record helping families obtain surplus funds from foreclosed properties that would have otherwise escheated to the state.

Cell# (561) 774-7063

Fax # (844) 286-3573


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